Blogmas Day 25: Favourite December posts

I did it! I completed Blogmas! 25 days of festive cheer. As a blogger that started in October 2020, I am so happy I did this. It has been fun, overwhelming, positive and filled me with so much festive cheer. 

I’m not even sure if Blogmas continues on the 25th, but I wanted to create one anyway. 

For many, you will be celebrating Christmas with families, for others, this will just be another day. For me, this will be the first year that I can’t spend it with my parents. I am thankful that they are safe, but it doesn’t feel the same, not spending this time of year with them. 

For those looking for something to do, I wanted to share some blogs from other bloggers that I read throughout December that I loved! I highly recommend reading these posts as they are created by some remarkable people, who put so much effort and time into each post. 

I started this post at the start of December and added blogs I appreciated as the month progressed. 

My favourite December posts 

Sunkissed Lex – @lexxwalts

How to take care of your mental health this holiday season 

Around Christmas, we tend to put our mental health aside and focus on other people. This blog post shares practical and thought out tips to help take care of your mental health. 


The Doubting Thomas – @TheDTblogs 

The night before Tesco’s – A Christmas poem

Have you ever read something and been blown away by the content? That’s what this poem is. You’ll laugh, reminisce and start to feel a bit peckish, all while reading this lovely poem. 


Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. – @mindbeautysimp1

Minimalism Holiday Gift Guide 

I love these gift ideas, as there are perfect for a wide array of people and not just minimalists. It is a creative take on the traditional gift guide, and I love the suggestions within this blog post.


Sophia Patel – @SophiaPatelBlog

How To Make The Most of Blogmas

It is so important to learn from the people around you. This blog post explores Blogmas and shares some tips on how you can make the most of this festive event. 


The Black Princess Diaries – @_BPDiaries_

Naughty Or Nice List-Blogger Edition

Incorporating some festive fun into educational blog posts is a hard line to toe, but Deandra does it so beautifully. This post stood out the most, especially as a new blogger. I am always questioning if I being a positive part of the blogging community. It is reassuring when you see lists like this, as it boosts your confidence and points you in the right direction. 


Smelly Socks and Garden Peas – @AndSmelly 

An ode to my pyjamas

Another poem by an incredible writer! This poem makes you think twice about the comfort, and security PJs brought us in 2020. A reflection of how 2020 changed for us all, but the simple joys remain the same. 


Alex Faith Writes – @alexfaithwrites

6 ways to practice self-care at Christmas 

Self-care is always needed, especially during Christmas and after the year we have all had. This blog post explores ways in which you can focus on self-care. I love these realistic ways that can help you. 


Pinay Ajumma – @SherylGim

20 things I’m grateful for in 2020

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all the events of 2020, which is why it is important to focus on the positive. I love this list of 20 things to be grateful for. It is personal, inspiring and motivational. 


Enviroline Blog – @envirolineblog

Blogmas day 10 | Christmas treats

Who doesn’t love a good baking blog post? These ideas are so creative and look delicious. They are relatively easy to make, which is so good considering how busy Christmas is. The method to create each is separated into steps, which makes it effortless to follow. 


Wildrose Healer – @WildroseHealer

24 Pet themed Canva templates for Christmas cards 

While this was posted in November, I enjoyed the creativity of this post and all the animal-inspired Christmas cards. 

I highly recommend this blog if you are looking to understand your pet more. 


I’m all booked up – @imallbookedupYA

2020 YA Holiday Gift Guide

Books are an excellent gift for all the book lovers in your life, and this gift guide contains some interesting books you can get. This post will inspire you to add more books to your bookshelf! 


Ellie’s Little World – @Elliesworldx

2020 Christmas gift guide!

Another creative gift guide that has something for everyone. I like the variety of products included in this post, and how it inspires others about what you can buy this Christmas. 


The Life of A Glasgow Girl! – @ofaglasgowgirl

5 Ways to have a more sustainable Christmas

Christmas produces so much waste, so blog posts like this are extremely helpful. There are 5 ways you can become more sustainable without sacrificing the magic of Christmas. 


Dear 4am – @Zineb_dear4am 

My Winter Skincare routine 2020 Tips and advice

I struggle with my skincare routine so much, as in, it is extremely basic and was non-existent a few months ago. This informative blog post talks you through ways to help your skin in the winter months, and I appreciated the information so much. 


This Brits Life – @ThisBritsLife

This Brits Life Christmas Q & A

This fun and festive blog post explores the blogger behind the blog. It is so lovely to read through a post like this. It not only provides you with insight into the blogger, but it gives you some festive ideas you can incorporate. 


Essentially Sydney – @SydneyGarrison_

10 ways to feel festive this year

I think we’ve all struggled with feeling festive this year, which is why blogs like this are so fun to read! There are 10 creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit, but, my favourite has to be the matching PJs as I never thought of doing that. 


The Happy Reader – @ThatHappyReade1

Review – This time next year by Sophie Cousens 

Another insightful review by The Happy Reader, as it explores the ins and outs of this very relevant book. I love the honesty and background you get from each book review. 


If you have stuck around for 25 days of Blogmas, thank you. If you’ve just popped in, I also appreciate you taking the time to read this or any other post. Blogmas has provided me with so much positivity and happiness during a disappointing year. I can’t imagine how I’d feel without this in my life right now. Thank you, and I hope this or any other blog brought a bit of happiness into your day. 

There are so many great bloggers out there, and I aim to connect with more in 2021. For now, I hope your day is filled with love, happiness and laughter. Enjoy your day! 

Stay safe. πŸ’œ

If you have stuck around for 25 days of Blogmas, thank you. If you’ve just popped in, I also appreciate you. 

Note: As a new blogger, I don’t know all the blogging rules about the protocol before linking to other bloggers’ posts. These are just blogs I genuinely appreciated and wanted to share, but let me know if there are some hidden steps I am meant to do. Thank you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

21 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 25: Favourite December posts

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post! Congrats on doing blogmas, I’ve loved reading your posts xx Merry ChrismtasπŸŽ„

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  2. Merry Christmas!!

    It is cool that you’ve been blogging for a few months. Love all of these posts you are sharing! These Blogmas posts are great for so many different holiday topics. It is great when bloggers can stick with the 25 days of Blogmas!! it is a lot of work! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

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  3. Merry Christmas!
    Thank you so much for including me in your list of favourite blogmas posts. Looking forward to reading all of these posts that you’ve recommended. It’s also been so great to connect with other super new bloggers who started their blogs around the same time as me. Here is to supporting each other and growing our blogs in 2021.

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