Feeling lost at 24

I always feel strange in the first month of a new year. I feel like I should be making strides and ticking off everything on my to-do list. 

In reality, I feel lost. I question whether the path I am on is right, or if I messed up completely with the choices I made. 

  • Would life look differently if I made different decisions? 
  • What if I had decided not to go to University? 
  • What if I went to a different University? 
  • Would I be a completely different person if I lived somewhere else? 
  • Did I make the right move in my career? 
  • Am I a failure? 

A whirlwind of questions that bombard my thoughts during quiet moments of the day. Thoughts that stop me from sleeping, as I imagine what life would be like if I had gone down a different path. 

I sometimes wish life was like a video game. Games where you can save your place, and try out different pathways to see which is the best one for you. While you still have the option to reinvent yourself in real life, you can’t change the past or relive it.  

It just comes down to a simple statement. Life is complicated. 

You might never know if what you chose to do with your life was right; you just have to make the right choices for you at the time. 

When you are feeling lost 

The section shares some personal tips and ones I have learnt during my journey. I hope you find them beneficial as well. At the very least, I just want you to know that you are not alone if you feel lost. 

It’s never too late to find your passion. 

While I have a love-hate relationship with the piece of advice, ‘you are still young, you’ll find your way’, it is right. 

There are so many stories of younger and older people who found their passion at ‘unconventional ages’. 

During my High School Business class, I remember the story of Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of the notorious Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, KFC. 

He didn’t start his business start out of University, or during his twenties. KFC’s origin began at a service station, as Colonel Sanders would serve chicken dishes and other meals. I won’t go into detail about his colourful journey. But, you should know that he franchised his secret recipe at the age of 62. Only at the age of 73, did he sell the Kentucky Fried Chicken corporation. 

Don’t give up just because you reach a certain age and think it’s too late. There are so many possible passions in the world, and you can’t put a timeframe on finding yours. 

Take your time to learn 

I often hear twenties are for finding who you are, while your thirties are for being who you are. While I agree with the sentiment, I think you can find who you are at any age. It is never too early, or too late to discover who you are meant to be, and what path makes you happy. 

Take your time to learn new hobbies, change careers, grasp opportunities that come your way and be proud of the ones you choose not to explore. 

There is nothing wrong with learning, and education shouldn’t stop after school. 


On the subject of learning, take the time to explore new hobbies and interests. There are so many free and paid resources online to help explore those choices. 

I understand that many people can’t afford to just up and leave a career (like, hello bills). You might have limited time to explore different hobbies or course, so, attempt to break it down. Commit so many minutes/hours in a day to your hobby or online course, and it will all add up. 

Stop comparing yourself to others 

This one I find so hard. I look around and see how my friends are thriving. I am filled with pride and love for their accomplishments, but I’ll be honest, I look at myself and think ‘why aren’t I achieving more?’ 

I have friends that are teachers, nurses, authors and more, and wonder if I’m the odd duckling out. 

You might be doing the same thing. But the truth is, other people are on a completely different pathway. They have different priorities, interests and goals, so how can we possibly compare. They have separate passions, aims and wants in life that makes them happy. 

I am proud of them, but I should be proud of me too. We are all striving for success, and while that looks different for each of us, internally, it means finding happiness in what we do. 

No matter what someone does for a living, it shouldn’t reflect on how you see them or yourself. 

Some people work to live, while others live to work. For example, your job might be a huge passion in itself, while others have a job to fund their passions outside of work. 

It’s not just about your career though, stop comparing who you are against others. There is only one you, and that makes you unique. You are perfectly imperfect, and the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.Β 

Not comparing yourself to others is easier said than done, though. So, I try to remind myself that what I am doing makes me happy right now. My choices are right for me at this moment.Β 

Be proud of who you are and your accomplishments while supporting others’ dreams and goals around you.Β 

In this together

One valuable tip I want to share is something I wish someone had said to me when I started to struggle. You are not alone. 

I hope this post shows that other people struggle to find their place. Others find it hard to unlock their passions and to truly be happy. 

If you feel lost in your twenties, thirties and beyond, know that the people around you are probably just trying as hard to figure everything out. 

The difference is, not many people are willing to admit it or feel like they cannot express how they feel in fear of judgement. 

This is a safe space to share your struggles. We all struggle from time to time. Even now, I still feel lost, as I don’t know where my path will lead. But, I feel happy that I am following a passion, learning and grasping opportunities that come my way. I am also thankful that I have the option to explore my passions, as many people don’t have that option, time or freedom. 

I might not have my twenties entirely figured out yet, and who knows where the future will lead. One thing I do know is that I will strive for the choices that make me happy, and that’s all we can do really.Β 


I hope you enjoyed my honest ramble about feeling lost at 24. When I first started my blog, this post was already a draft in The Yorkshire Dreamer folder. I started this blog for many reasons. One reason is that I felt incredibly lost after University. Then I began to question the career choices I made. 

I didn’t know where my life was headed, and challenges that once thrilled me became repetitive mundane motions. 

Blogging has infused positivity and motivation into other areas of my life. While I don’t know where this journey is headed, I am glad I finally took the plunge and started something I love. 

Life is complicated, but that’s what makes it interesting. The highs, the lows, the confusion and failures, all come together to shape who you are. While I would love to erase some errors of my past, I am glad I have the opportunity to grow and shape my own future. 

I hope this post helped you, even in a small way, for those who also feel lost. For those that felt lost, but found your purpose, what tips would you share? πŸ’œ

36 thoughts on “Feeling lost at 24

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  1. I’m 56 and I’m still figuring things out in many ways. I remember someone once telling me β€œyou are where you are meant to be at this point in your life”. When I was 25 all my friends were married and having babies and I was single. It was the most difficult age for me. By the time I got married at 30, all my friends were getting divorced. That taught me a valuable lesson about comparing your life to others.

    Personally, I have never stopped learning. I’m still taking courses and planning for my β€œpost career gig” which I hope will be a passion project. It’s never too late to change direction.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and for sharing your valuable insight. “You are where you are meant to be at this point in your life” – that is such a positive way to reflect on your current situation, I will remember that. I am similar, where everyone is going off in one direction, and I am here going a different way. Sometimes you question if you what you are doing is right when you should be focusing on how your choices are right for you.

      It is lovely to hear that you have a ‘post-career gig’, good luck with it! I really appreciate you sharing that you should never stop learning, no matter your age. I still take online courses, as they are so helpful when learning a new skill. Thank you for your comment Michelle. πŸ’œ

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  2. you are so right! especially at 24, you still have so much of your life left! you are young! even at 29, I am still “finding myself” and learning to be a better person etc…it truly never stops. you just get better and better after each year.
    i think society makes us feel like we are lost when really people don’t openly talk about their struggles enough to notice they are just like you.

    you’ve got this!

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    1. 100% agree. I feel like there is a social expectation to tick off certain milestones when you reach a set age. It really isn’t the case. We all move at our own pace, and if that involves learning a new skill, going into a new career and so on, it is okay to do that!

      Thank you so much for your insight B! Learning never stops, no matter your age. We’ve got this! πŸ’œ

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      1. I really enjoyed reading this post and can relate to it a lot. We all choose different paths that we believe is right at the time. I am always questioning where I am in life and what should I be doing etc. I am currently 25, have been married for 4 and a half years and have 2 lovely children. However when they start school I have no idea what I will do for work. I have never found a job that interests/suits me. I have hobbies and interests but don’t know how to turn those into paid work! We never know what our future has planned for us! I wish you all the best with pursuing your interests. Life is hard and we have to find what makes us happy and enjoy the short time we have on Earth.

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      2. Thank you for taking the time to write such an honest and insightful comment! It is nice to know that someone else is always questioning where they are in life.

        I hope you find something you are passionate about when your children start school. It might take a bit of trial and error, but you will find something you love to do. Thank you so much for ending on a positive note. Our time here is short, and we should make the most of it.

        Thank you. πŸ’œ


  3. I feel exactly the same! I dropped out of uni after two years then had no idea what to do. Done a million different jobs, back at college now but still so unsure if the career I’ve chosen is really one I want! I honestly found this so relatable, constantly comparing myself to others so it’s nice to see someone else who also feels lost!

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    1. I have friends who never went to Uni, some that went straight into work and others that dropped out. We all have different priorities, and goals. We just have to find what makes us happy, even if that involves a lot of trial and error. πŸ’œ

      I know what you mean, I went to Uni and I am currently in a job related to my degree, and I am still unsure if I made the right decision.

      Good luck with college, you’ve got this! I am glad that you related to this post, it really means a lot. Thank you for commenting. 😊


  4. Really love this post! I’m turning 20 soon and I have no idea where is heading for me and I’ve definitely felt lost. Right now, I stopped stressing about the future and worry about now, the present. I want to experience everything right now whether it’s good or bad because I can’t determine what the future has for me. I don’t want to rush life because I might not enjoy anything. Happy to hear blogging has helped you positively πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ!

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    1. Thank you! You have such a positive attitude, and it is amazing to see. You have a great outlook that I really need to incorporate more.

      I agree it is so important to live in the present, and while I try, it is so hard not to overthink about what the future holds. Sometimes I need to take a moment, appreciate what I have and remember that I have come this far. Thank you for your comment, Anissa. 😊


  5. I relate to what your feelings so much! But you have such a mature mindset! There’s so much to learn from your tips. I often forget that it’s okay to take my time. It’s okay to drop some things that don’t serve me anymore and start something new. People are so much about rushing and making progress, and growing up fast. Moreover, the social media. Seems like everybody is doing so well. It’s so easy to get lost in all of this.

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    1. Thank you for leaving such a kind and positive comment Toma! It is okay to take your time and focus on what benefits you the most, even if that means starting something new. I’m good with taking things slow and trying to enjoy ‘the now’, even if I sometimes overthink about the future. I agree it is so easy to get lost in social media, and you can start comparing yourself to how well others appear to be doing. Thank you again for your comment. 😊

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  6. I had this feeling… It’s part of the 7 year cycle. Luckily, after you go through it and come out the other side – you’ll really find yourself. (Maybe not entirely as we never really know ourselves fully) but enough to realise you couldn’t get to that stage without going through it!

    Miamii / https://explorewithmii.com/

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  7. Omg believe me this starts in your mid 20s and never stops. Because you feel you’ve chosen a path now. But remember, you can always change path at any time. Nothing in life is set in stone, especially your career. I’ve left jobs before for ones that are less money to be happier. You can start again at any age.

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  8. Definitely don’t stress about this too much. I’m 42 and I still question all my life choices every day. There’s nothing strange about what you’re questioning. I think most introspective people go through this. Good luck! πŸ™‚

    P.S. I just tagged you in my latest blog post. No pressure, just FYI. πŸ™‚

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  9. At 47 I still find myself questioning my choices and feeling a little lost. What I’ve come to realize is that the past doesn’t matter. All that matters is this moment and what you choose to do with it. Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s always nice to have that reminder that none of us are alone.

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    1. Thank you for your positive message! It can feel like we have a set timeline to stick it, so it is good to know that you can find your passion in life, regardless of age. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your insight. 😊

      I am happy that you found what you wanted to do with your life as well!

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  10. This is so great. Comparing yourself to others can be dangerous and it’s important to remember that there’s no one way to to start a family or career. Always worrying about other people only makes you miserable. Thanks for these tips.

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    1. Absolutely! It can be hard to stop yourself from comparing your progress, choices etc. to others, which is why it is so important to stop and remind yourself that we all have different beginnings and goals.

      Thank you for your comment! 😊


  11. Great post!!!!! I’m so glad I came across this. I relate to you so much and I wanna say thank you because as you said when you understand that “you’re not alone” it somehow gives you hope and I no longer be too harsh on myself or I try to find a solution rather than just complaining and doing nothing about it. Thank you again, hope you’re doing okay and I wish you all the best.

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