Favourite January Blog Posts

One thing that kept me feeling festive and full of Christmas spirit was reading other bloggers blog posts during December. Christmas didn’t work out the way I planned, so reading lively content made December slightly better and less like the festive season was falling apart. 

The relevance of this, you ask? Well, I created a blog entitled Favourite December posts, and for January, I am bringing it back. I plan to make this a consistent part of my blog for the foreseeable future. 

While we can all admit, we love those blogging statistics ticking up, another element of blogging that I love, involves reading through the content created by others. You get to see what others write, and you feel apart of something much bigger. 

It’s not just my laptop and me, writing on my sofa way after I should be asleep. Its a community of people who are putting their all into blogs of their own, and I love it. 

While I feel like I haven’t been as active this month, in terms of sharing and reading others content, I still have a list of some of my favourite January Blog posts. Please check them out, as each one brings their spark of creativity to their corner of the internet. 

14 Favourite January Blog posts

In no particular order, here are my favourite January posts. Check out the blogs that you like and show your support. 


Little Corner of the InternetΒ –Β @whatdidshetype

New Years at home

Okay, this one was technically in December, but it was so fun to read about New Years from someone else’s perspective. Like many people, I spent New Years at home, so it was nice to read about others’ experiences. I especially liked number 7! 


The Quiet Girl Blog – @TheQuietGirl___

Spending time with yourself 

I’ll be honest. It was hard to pick just one post from Anissa, as I love everything she writes. It is like having a glimpse into how I feel but from a different perspective. 

While I loved the honesty and insight in her six months of blogging post, I want to include the spending time with yourself post on my list. In this highlights the benefits of spending quality time with yourself, by sharing what she does. 


The Black Princess Diaries – @_BPDiaries_

10 Things Every 25-Year-Old Should Know: 5DOD 

For her birthday, Deandra created 5 Days of Deandra, and each post is fun, creative and educational. I loved each one, but the one that stuck out the most was ’10 things every 25-year-old should know’. These ten tips were extremely relatable and honest. 

I love her writing and tips. Number five is something everyone should know. 


I’m all booked up – @imallbookedupYA

Review: The Cousins by Karen McManus – 

Christy and Claire might be the reason why my Goodreads shelf is overflowing, and I can’t wait to read each one. Their reviews are engaging, honest and intriguing. 

The Cousins piqued my interest due to the cover. But, I stayed for the intriguing manner they presented the review. They gave information in the form of a Q and A derived from their book club. I loved the way they touched upon the mystery of the book, without giving too much away.  


The Sunday Blogger – @sunday_blogger

25 things I’ve learned in 25 years 

As someone who is turning 25 this year, I am always looking for lessons. I like the variety of pieces of advice in this post by Zoe. Number four is a lesson we all need to learn, while number six is something I am still learning. 

I love educational posts infused with a fun tone. This is certainly a post to check out whether you are 25 or 55.


Elevate Her Vibe – @elevatehervibe

10 Simple Habits That Will Improve Your Life

Bri creates content made to empower, inform and advise. The post, ’10 simple habits that will improve your life’ has useful tips which should be incorporated into your everyday life. 

I loved this post because it was not full of hard to accomplish tasks or tips that are just unrealistic. Each habit is explained thoroughly, and Bri shares how you can achieve each suggestion. 


Suvannah – @Suvannah16

Top 10 books 

I discovered this blog relatively recently, but I loved this top 10 books post. This post lists so many interesting books, some of which, I have never heard of before. I also like the writer’s response about how they plan to introduce reviews later in the year of all the books on the list. 


Explore with ‘Mii  @ExplorewithMii

UK staycations to take in 2021 

Put your hand up if you miss travelling? I appreciate this post by Miamii as she doesn’t shy away from the subject of Covid, but turns it on its head by focusing on the future. 

While we might not be travelling far this year, she introduces a staycation possibility in the UK. Many beautiful locations are mentioned in the blog post, and I have included some of these destinations on my potential location list for 2021. 


Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. – @mindbeautysimp1

15 ways to simplify your life in 2021 

Bee has to be one of my favourite bloggers. Her posts are honest, engaging and crafted around her interests. Like Anissa, I’d recommend every post by Bee if I could, but I’ll stick to just one. 

I want to highlight her ’15 ways to simplify your life in 2021′ post, as it was a great way to start the year. All these tips mentioned are a must for 2021, especially number five. 


Not so modern girl – @notsomoderngirl

12 Steps to Improve Your Skincare Journey

My lack of skincare routine before last year would shock everyone. It was none existent basically, so I don’t really know where to turn when it comes to improving my skincare journey. Luckily, Eleanor created a blog post highlighting 12 steps to improve your skincare journey. 

I love this post as it doesn’t suggest ridiculous skincare methods and enforces realistic measures you can take. 


The Doubting Thomas – @TheDTblogs

Is it healthy to have blogger envy? 

Do you ever find a blog where you just get lost in their content? Where you just end up reading posts on their site for longer than you should? Doubting Thomas is one of those blogs. 

In his ‘is it healthy to have blogger envy?’ post, Tom shares honest insight into something every blogger does, but not everyone admits. Comparing yourself to others. Even when you know the personal ‘why’ about your journey, that tiny bit of envy can’t help but shroud your logic sometimes. 

I appreciated all of the tips mentioned in this blog post, and the honesty he infused into it.


Invisibly Me – @invisiblymeblog

12 TV series and films to watch now on Amazon Prime UK

Amazon Prime and Netflix are basically my family now, as I spend so much time with them, especially during Lockdown. The only issue of having both is that it introduces the paradox of choice. There is so much to choose from that I just give up and put a random video on YouTube sometimes. 

Luckily, Invisibly Me put together a list of 12 TV shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime. I loved the variety of shows they mentioned, and the explanation of each, without revealing spoilers. I was intrigued by certain shows, and introduced to others, without having the shows ruined for me. 


The Northern Dad – @thenortherndad

Recipe Chicken Tikka Pasta Bake

Anyone else really bad at cooking? I mean, set fire to things bad at cooking? I am, which is why I love informative blog posts that guide you through the process of cooking, without throwing in jargon. Damion explains the process of creating his chicken tikka pasta bake in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. 

I love the layout of this recipe on his blog, and how he lists the ingredients, with measurements I understand and provides information on serving size and prep time. 

My partner and I do our grocery shopping monthly, so the ingredients to this particular recipe our on our next grocery order. 


New blogger 

B is for better – @KinaneMolly

The Beginning 

Okay, I want to mention a blogger I just found, well, a blogger that found me. She commented on one of my posts, and like always, I checked out their blog. Only two posts so far, but I loved each one. I can’t wait to see what other posts are in store! 

Reading Molly’s first blog, I instantly related to what she was saying and wanted to read more from her perspective. Her second blog, practical tools to help your anxiety, has useful products you can use to help your anxiety and helpful tips. 


There are so many exceptional bloggers out there, and just reading their content makes me feel less isolated, especially during Lockdown. I highly recommend checking out everyone mentioned above. Their content attracts readers because they offer something no-one else does – their honest and personal perspective. Even if topics overlap and intertwine, every single one shares their perspective on the matter, which makes it a unique piece of work. 

I like keeping account of what blogs I read because it provides me with a record I can keep coming back to when I need uplifting content to read. Blogs get lost on Twitter feeds and in the reader section of WordPress, but here, I can come back to read them time and time again. 

Add to this collection and share a post you enjoyed in January. 

I wish you all the best for February. 

32 thoughts on “Favourite January Blog Posts

Add yours

  1. What an awesome round-up! You’ve put in a heck of a lot of effort putting all your favourites together, and I’ve discovered quite a few new blogs here that I hadn’t come across before, so that’s fantastic. Thank you very muchly for including my post, too! πŸ™

    I can’t believe it’s February already. Yikes. I think I blinked and missed January. Have a great week ahead!

    Caz x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. πŸ’œI did one in December, and I kept a document with some festive posts I enjoyed. It was a way for me to lift my spirits during a time when we were meant to be with family. I liked the process of writing that post, so I thought I would make it a permanent feature each month. Plus, it felt like my way of saying, ‘hey, I enjoyed your post’, and it allows me to feel apart of a community. 😊

      I know what you mean. January swooped by so quickly. πŸ˜‚ I hope you have a great February!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. Am also surprised to know that I was not the only one celebrating Christmas by reading awesome blog posts, like the ones you have mentioned here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reading content in December kept my spirits high, and content in January made me feel focused. I’m glad the content created by others helped you as well! There are so many amazing bloggers out there! Thank you for your comment. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh thank you so so much, this has made my day!! I’m really really happy you enjoyed my post & I cant wait to read the others that you’ve linked! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that means a lot. I was saying yes to so many points while reading your 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years post. I loved how relatable and realistic it was! Thank you for taking the time to comment. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Aw thank you so much for including me πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you got something from my post, and yes definitely no crazy skincare fads needed to get a good, healthy routine that works for you! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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