24 Solo date ideas for Lockdown 2021

I mentioned in my previous post that you should celebrate your achievements. One way I mentioned that you could do this is by taking yourself on solo dates. 


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This blog post will share solo date ideas for Lockdown 2021, along with stories from pre-lockdown about my own solo date experiences. 

Solo Date ideas 

Here are some ideas you can try to focus on your happiness. II hope you enjoy these 24 solo date ideas for Lockdown 2021. 

1 – Neighbourhood walk

Due to Lockdown, you will be spending more time at home, because of limited options. So, take time to wander around your neighbourhood. Even just a simple ten-minute walk around your area can re-energise you. 

2 – Cooking something new 

Cook yourself, your favourite meal create a three-course meal for yourself. If you aren’t an avid cook, try number 11 instead. 

3 – Read a book 

If you have a collection of books just gathering dust on your bookshelf, make time to read through some. Build a cosy den on your sofa, or in your bedroom and escape into the pages of a book. 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

4 – Spa night 

Treat yourself to an at-home spa night. Invest in everything you love, from bubble bath, to face masks and more. Light your favourite candle, put on some quiet music and unwind. 

5 – Virtual Museum 

I love a good virtual museum, as there are so many to choose from online. See what your local museum is doing virtually, and travel back through history through the content they provide. 

6 – Write yourself a love letter 

Sure yourself some appreciation and self-love by writing yourself a love letter. List everything you love about yourself and use positive affirmations to show yourself some love. Look back on your love letter when you are having moments of self-doubt. 

7 – Candle making 

I recommend candle making as my siblings, and I bought my mum a collection of ‘make your own kits’ for her because the youngest kid was moving away from University. With an empty nest, we wanted her to find a new hobby, and one thing she wanted to try was making her own candles. We got her a candle making kit from Hobbycraft, and she said she loved it. It’s relaxing and gives you something to be proud of in the end. 

Speaking of kits, Hobbycraft has many art and craft kits to try, and they make great solo date ideas. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

8 – Listen to a podcast

Another solo date idea you can do in Lockdown is listen to a podcast. There are so many fun, educational and random podcasts you can find. 

9 – Watch a documentary

On the subject of educational resources, why not watch a documentary. In my January 2021 roundup, I mentioned that I watched David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet, an eye-opening documentary. Browse through Netflix, or your preferred streaming service and see what you can find. 

10 – Hobby

What is a hobby that you love, but you never have time for anymore? Have a solo date where you enjoy a past hobby that you don’t make time for anymore. 

11 – Local restaurant takeaway 

Many businesses are struggling right now, so if you have the means, why not order from your small local restaurant. This is a perfect date alternative if you can’t do the number 1 date idea. 

12 – Create outfits 

How many occasions have you bought a clothing piece and have nothing to pair it with in your wardrobe? Have an at-home solo date by going through your wardrobe and creating outfits you could wear. This will also give you a chance to remove anything you don’t like. 

Pair this one with number 23 for a special date night. 

Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

13 – Mini garden 

Creating a mini garden is on my solo date ideas to-do list, as I have already ordered some plant pots. I live in a flat, so I plan to have a little garden in the form of a series of plant pots on my windowsill. 

Allocate a space in your garden for a mini garden, or invest in some plants for your window. 

14 – At home taste testing

My partner has recently invested in a monthly beer subscription, and it gave me an idea. At home, taste tasting! For example, Beer 52 do a monthly subscription, and it comes with a selection of drinks and a guide you can read through with information about each drink. Find your preferred package, from food to beer, and have an at-home taste testing. 

15 – Online shopping 

If you have the means, why not treat yourself and do some online shopping. There are so many creative and unique small businesses online, so there are plenty of items to choose from that cover various interests. 

Image by justynafaliszek from Pixabay

16 – Virtual event 

There are so many online events available, from educational to fun, you will find something that interests you. Browse through online music events, life drawing classes, murder mystery challenges and more, there is so much to enjoy. 

17 – Scrapbook 

I loved scrapbooking when I was younger and found that it was a nice break from technology. Why not try scrapbooking and see what you can create? 

18 – Future plans

While we might be stuck inside for now, why not plan for the future. I find that making plans gives me something to look forward to, especially during down days. For example, I have created a list of places I would love to go when it is safe. 

19 – Bob Ross Tutorial 

It doesn’t matter if you describe yourself as a rookie or expert artist; no one has to see the results if you don’t want them to. Instead, focus on the experience of painting. Why not participate in a Bob Ross tutorial on YouTube, and see what you can create. 

20 – Cocktail night

If you are old enough, have a mini cocktail night at-home. I recommend checking what ingredients you need for your favourite cocktails before buying a range of alcohol. 

21 – Photo frame collage 

You might be missing friends and family during Lockdown, so why not bring them into your home by creating a photo frame collage. Gather your favourite photos, a picture frame (you can get cheap and durable ones from a pound shop or charity shop), and create a photo frame collage.  

22 – Solo games

If you’ve visited my blog previously, you know I love a good games night, but you don’t have to have a games night with others. Why not have a solo games night and play your favourite games. Recently, I have started playing Sims 4 again on steam, and its a nice break from my routine. 

23 – Photoshoot

Combine this activity with number 12, and have your own mini photoshoot where you focus on you! Alternatively, you can combine this with number 1 and see what photo-worthy content you find on your walk. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

24 – Movie night 

The last solo date idea is a staple activity in Lockdown but needs to be here – a movie night. Gather your favourite snacks, watch a film favourite, or see what new films are on your preferred streaming service. 

What are solo dates like? 

Have you ever walk into a room and feel like all eyes are on you? Yeah, that’s how I felt about solo dates in public. Pre-pandemic, I mustered up the courage to go out by myself. Every time I walked into a restaurant or museum alone, I felt like people were staring and saying: 

  • Why is she by herself? 
  • She is alone, how sad. 
  • Doesn’t she have any friends? 

The truth is, no one cares. They have their own life going on, and even if they did belittle your solo date experience, that’s a representation of their personality, not yours. 

What I’m trying to say is that you might feel embarrassed, like I did, when you first venture out on a date by yourself, and that’s okay. Focus on your own enjoyment and why you are doing this. 

For me, I felt uncomfortable the first few times I took myself out on a date. I felt uneasy, but slowly I started to relish those moments. I spent so long thinking that I needed someone with me to go out and do things, but now I don’t. 

You don’t need to wait for someone to join you to do something you love. 

My first solo date

My first solo date happened by accident, during University. I had arranged to meet someone in town, but I decided to go slightly early to pick up some things, they messaged and said they would have to rearrange out hangout because they had to go into University. 

I was already in town, so I didn’t want to head home so quickly, so I decided to take myself for a late lunch. I walked into a pub come restaurant and felt uneasy. I felt strange, walking into a place I frequently went, but this time alone. I sat down, had a drink and questioned if I should just go home. 

I am glad I didn’t. 

I stayed, had my meal, read the book I spotted in a charity shop and genuinely enjoyed my own company. 

Since then, and before the pandemic, I became comfortable with going places alone. I spent so long thinking I had to be accompanied by someone, either a friend, partner or family member, to go to a museum, restaurant or elsewhere. Not a conscious thought, but out of expectation that I needed someone there with me. 

Key takeaways 

  • You need to take care of YOU 
  • Sit down and get to know yourself 
  • Cherish the relationship you have with yourself
  • Spend time with yourself 
  • Do things for you sometimes, and not for someone else
  • Your happiness is important 


While it might be a while before any of us are having a solo date in a restaurant, you can still make time for yourself at home, and safely outside once it is warmer. 

What is your idea of a perfect solo date? 

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  1. Love this! After being in lockdown with 2 kids and a husband a solo date sounds like heaven! I think I will have to get a lock on my bedroom door so I can lock myself away and make some candles. Thank you for sharing!

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