Favourite February Blog Posts

I love nothing more than wrapping up in a blanket, junk food by my side and blog content on my laptop. Reading content created by other bloggers is a big part of why I love the blogging community. Some content comforts you, some entertains you, and some provide you with information you wish you had several years ago (looking at the cooking blogs here). 

I like writing my monthly roundups, as it is a place where I can show my support. Work can sometimes be the most dominant part of my life. The pit of despair can also drain all motivation from me, so this blog is a chance for me to sit down and show my support by saying, ‘hey you, I appreciate your content’.  

You can check out my previous favourite monthly blog posts here: 

Favourite February bloggers 

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10 Favourite February Blog Posts 

I plan to stick to 5 or 10 favourite blog posts each month, even though I can include more, as you can see from my previous months. 10 is a nice round number. I try to incorporate different bloggers each month; however, sometimes, I can’t sway away from my favourites.

Enviroline blog – @envirolineblog

8 simple random acts of kindness 

Do you know a blogger you see online, and you just know they are 100% an amazing person? That is Caroline. Her content is so heartfelt, thoughtful and comforting. Her blog posts come from a place of passion and understanding, which always leaves me with something to think about. 

Her blog focuses on mental health and the environment, and she provides realistic ways to address an issue. 

The February post I want to write about is her 8 simple random acts of kindness. I love this post as it provides realistic ways we can all perform random acts of kindness. I always see kindness directly associated with financial contributions, so it is nice to read about how you can contribute, especially when you don’t have disposable income. 

The Quiet Girl Blog – @TheQuietGirl___

Expectations of blogging 

Anissa is back on my list again. I’m sorry, I can’t help it; I love the content she creates. Her blog reflects on the experiences she goes through in a contemplative and friendly manner. Reading her content is like chatting to a very wise friend. 

I love her blog. It explores her path into adulthood and addresses the key struggles she is facing and overcoming. She covers topics such as University struggles, anxiety, blogging and more. 

The blog post I want to mention is ‘Expectations of blogging’. Whether we are aware or not, some people have misconceptions about blogging. I went into blogging, expecting one thing and was introduced to a whole other world. While I knew it was challenging, I didn’t realise how many hats you need to wear to be a blogger. It was nice reading the expectations another blogger had and relating them to my own experiences. 

Nikki Diekemper – @NikkiDiekemper

Writing prompt: future diary

Another new blogger on my list is Nikki. I loved the blog post she shared on Twitter and had to go snooping on her blog. I read her about page and knew I had to follow, as I related to what she said so much. I would write stories in my head as a way to fall asleep, and I still do that today. 

I’ve read through some of her blog posts, which cover an array of stories that will pull you into a different world. 

The first blog post of Nikki’s that I read was the ‘writing prompt: future diary’. I liked the concept of this post and the way it was written. She wrote a diary entry, based ten years into the future. Writing down expectations and wishes like that put some weight behind them. I may have even written my own ten-year diary entry, which will probably never be seen by another living soul. Thank you for the inspiration. 

Beyond Beneath – @bbeyondbeneath

How I’ve been catching up with criticism 

I discovered another new blogger in February, Fiona! The writer of Beyond Beneath. As always, when checking out a new blogger, I ventured onto her about page. I swear I could have written the content there—a fellow Sherlock, Lucifer and Anime fan, who organises their jumbled thoughts through writing. 

She has so much content on her blog, and I have found myself spending longer than I should, reading through her engaging content. Her content covers topics from school, music, places and more. Her thoughts are beautifully written, and the post I read made me very reflective about how I approach the way I talk to myself. 

While the blog post I have included by Fiona was written in January, I only discovered this content in February, and I am glad I did. Her blog discusses a self-care tip that many will find useful. 

Katygoodship – @katylgoodship

My ultimate UK travel bucket list 

Have you ever read a blog post that provides you with so much optimism and excitement? This was that post. 

Katy covers a variety of topics, from travel to life in Lockdown. Please take a moment to appreciate her website, as well. I know I usually focus on the content itself, but the layout of her website is stunning and vibrant. 

In her ultimate UK travel bucket list, she coves well over 50 locations you could travel to. I like the idea behind this post, especially since it looks like she comes back and crosses off places. I gained so much inspiration and awareness for the locations I want to go to myself. 

For example, the Tolkien tour through Birmingham is now on my list, much to my partner’s delight.

Reading this post during Lockdown sparked a bit of hope and optimism. We’ve spent so long surrounded by the same (very ugly) cream walls, so this post prompted me to add to my forgotten travel list. We might not be able to travel yet, but there is no harm in looking forward. 

Lynn Mumbing Mejia – @lmumbingmejia

3 Important reasons why I keep my phone on DND  

It was hard picking just one blog post from Lynn. She focuses on content that makes your life easier and happier. She covers topics such as home décor, relationships and recipes. I love the content created by Lynn because it is honest, thought out, and engaging. Some blog posts make me want to re-do my entire home, though, as her home décor ideas are phenomenal. 

While the blog post I have chosen does not focus on home décor, it is an essential read, I think, for any blogger. Her ‘3 Important reasons why I keep my phone on DND’ post mentions that one benefit is that you don’t feel the pressure of responding quickly. It felt like a breath of air escaped my lungs when I read that section. I always feel guilty if I don’t respond to a notification ASAP and feel like a complete failure if I miss a notification. Her perspective on this made me feel like it was okay. We deserve to have our downtime, and keeping your phone on DND will help that urge to respond. 

The Grumpy Olive – @thegrumpyolive

The 8 things I want to learn in 2021 

The Grumpy Olive has Simona, the editor-in-chief, the master of design and lover of coffee, Fred, and the actual boss, Cristina, the book lover of the trio. (According to their website) They cover topics from food and drink to travel and some interesting topics in between. 

I love the content they create and have found myself scrolling through their collection of recipes, for example, more than once. (That ultimate leftover sandwich is what I’m talking about). 

The post I want to talk about from February, though, is the ‘8 things I want to learn in 2021’. Does anyone else like having a sneak-peek into what other people are getting up to or plan to do? I like reading about goals other people set themselves; maybe it’s because I like seeing that others are constantly trying to improve or try new things as well.

I enjoyed reading through this list as it provided me with some inspiration and goals about what I want to achieve this year. This post also provided useful links to products and resources that would help others achieve their goals. 

Just care a little – @ianweirwriter 

Go easy on yourself 

I believe I came across Ian during my first writers lift on Twitter recently, and I am glad I did. He focuses on mindfulness, growth and content that infuses a little bit of happiness into your day. 

I like the way he writes, as it is honest, engaging and thoughtful. I’ve read a few of his posts, and I am always left in this reflective mindset. His post, ‘go easy on yourself’, focuses on alternative perspectives, specifically our peers’ contrasting viewpoints about how they perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. 

His post made me realise that an honest self-analysis is important. It can highlight different parts of my personality that I am not always aware of. The tips and exercise he includes in this blog post are also good tools you should have on hand, especially when you are slipping into a negative mindset. 

The Doubting Thomas – @TheDTblogs

10 Productive things to do (instead of scrolling) 

Thomas is back on my list again, this time with an informative blog post to stop you scrolling. Thomas coves a range of topics, including parenting, blogging and his experiences in general. I like the honesty and realistic suggestions he mentions in his post. His posts are more like a conversation between friends, which makes the content easier to digest. 

I am guilty of mindlessly scrolling. It can consume so much of your leisure time that 5 minutes can turn into an hour if you aren’t careful. Thomas includes realistic suggestions about how you can be more productive with your time. This post prompts you to take action rather than scroll through the same feed again for no reason. 

With my blogging, I feel lost without my phone; as I mentioned previously, I feel guilty when I don’t respond to a notification ASAP. In reality, that downtime away from your phone is needed to help you recharge and focus. 

This blog post is especially useful for those that have a hobby or work in a role that requires you to be active on social media/phone. 

Katie Emma Beauty – @katieemmatweets

Things I wish I knew when I started my blog 

Katie talks about various topics on her blog, all as equally as educational and fun to read. She has been blogging for nearly six years, with only a two-year break in the middle, so it is safe to say she is an experienced blogger. However, she still informs her readers that she is still learning, which is reassuring. 

One thing I love about blogging is how much there is to learn. You are constantly challenged, and every day seems to bring about a new learning experience. That is why I love blog posts like the one Katie wrote. 

The blog takes on a reassuring yet informative and educational tone, which I appreciated. Katie doesn’t tell you what to do; she just informs you what worked well for her while reassuring you that it is okay if you use a different method. 


Since I have started blogging, it has provided me with so much motivation and, in all honesty, self-love. I read so many blog posts that make me feel less alone. It is not just because it is something to do during Lockdown, but because I thought different parts of my personality were wrong for so long. Various bloggers have provided me with insight into how other people think. They’ve made me realise that I’m not as isolated as I thought I was. 

I could ramble on about my love for the blogging community, but at this point, it genuinely sounds like an obsession. Instead, I’ll stop and just say thank you to everyone that creates content that so many people can relate to. 

Check out the bloggers you don’t already follow, and read through their fantastic content. 

What blog post would you add to this list? 


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  1. Omg, reading this made me smile so hard. Idk how I missed the first time you had me on your list, gonna have check that one as well 😅. Definitely going to to check out some of these bloggers that are new to me. Really like your roundups posts and thanks for including me, I appreciate it 😊💜!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad it made you smile! I like feeling like I am supporting other bloggers somehow, even if it is just me rambling about the content I enjoy. 😅 I am happy you will check out some other bloggers; their content is amazing! Thank you for commenting.


  2. This was such a great read and loved to read through other blogs you enjoyed! Thank you so much for mentioning us! it means so much that you like scrolling through the recipes and the rest! The ultimate leftover sandwich is still one of our most at home! Thank you so much for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the mention! Truly means the world to me 🥰💓 I really love reading this kind of posts to discover new bloggers and once again, it has done exactly that 🙂 I will be checking the rest of the bloggers out now xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG 😦 I just about cried at reading your kind words about me! What an amazing thing to read to start my day. No words can explain how much this means to me! Thank you so much for mentioning me and I’m so glad my content resonates with you! Going to check these other bloggers out too xx I hope you have a lovely day!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you started your day on a positive note; I hope it continued in the same way! It was a pleasure including your blog, as your posts really do resonate with me. Thank you for taking the time to comment and to check out the other bloggers. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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