Favourite March Bloggers

March was hectic in terms of work for me, so I found myself not having much time to check out content created by new (to me) bloggers. Luckily, I follow some fantastic bloggers online, so it wasn’t hard to find some creative content to read in March. 

This blog post will share six blog posts created by other bloggers, which I enjoyed reading in March.

You can check out my previous favourite monthly blog posts from 2021 here: 

Favourite March Bloggers 

Click on the heading below to jump to each section and to check out a new blogger. 

Top six March blog posts

You’ll notice some firm favourites mentioned in this months blog post, scattered with some newly discovered bloggers. 

Baby Gay Days – @babygaydays

Coming Out: Self Acceptance 

This blog post by Baby Gay Days has to be first on this list as it was such an intrinsic and beautifully written post. Many people feel lost when they first come out, not just to the people around them but also to themselves, and this blog post shares that perspective brilliantly. 

New perspectives are a must when going through life, and sharing yours can help others come to their own realisation. There is so much comfort in reading about the experiences others face, especially for those facing the same questions themselves. 

For anyone who is facing similar feelings about their sexuality, read this blog post. 

Nicci is a wonderful writer who is sharing her experience of discovering her sexuality in her twenties. She has covered so much insightful content that not only entertains but provides comfort to those in a similar situation. 

Our Favourite Jar – @ClaireLomax4

6 Special acts of kindness to support bloggers

As a relatively new blogger, I am always wondering how I can support my fellow bloggers. The blogging community has been so supportive to me, so I am always looking for ways to return that support.

This blog by Claire shares six special acts of kindness to support bloggers. From the start, I love how she mentions that acts of kindness do not have to be big gestures; in fact, the smallest actions can mean the most. 

Reading posts, sharing content, following creators on social media, amongst others, are key ways to support other bloggers. 

As a side note, I love the story behind the name of ‘Our Favourite Jar’ and how her content helps so many people. 

Environline Blog – @envirolineblog

7 Simple actions to take for global recycling day 

If you have read my previous monthly favourites, you know that Caroline is a firm favourite. Her blog ranges from educational to comforting, which is why I go back to her blog again and again. I also leave her blog with new knowledge and a fresh perspective. 

Her environmental blog posts are written from a place of passion and dedication, which makes them so enthralling. This particular post shares seven simple actions to take for global recycling day and beyond. 

I like her introduction to this subject, as it is true. When you think recycling, you automatically think about the cardboard bin or can bin, but it is so much more. I like her educational perspective on this matter, as we could all incorporate some key tips into our life. 

Smelly Socks and Garden Peas – @AndSmelly

Keep adapting 

It can be reassuring to know that others are feeling frustrated with the current situation. This post, titled keep adapting, says what we are all thinking, Covid is shit. 

It is fascinating to read how others have adapted, especially kids. They are less set in their ways, and they are familiar with big changes. Even though Covid is hard on kids, in ways we as adults can’t process, it is interesting to read how they are responding to this sudden change. 

There was something so comforting about this blog, as it is nice to know that someone else is feeling the same way; you feel less isolated. 

Even with restrictions easing, being cautious can only help. 

Boomer Eco Crusader – @MichelleOram13

17 ways to be green on St Patricks Day 

Michelle is another firm favourite of mine, as I am always learning something new from her blog. Her blog posts revolve around positivity, small environmental changes you can make, and more useful tips for everyday life. 

I appreciated reading the 17 ways to be green on St Patricks Day, as it was a fun approach to a recognised holiday. The play on words and personality are sewn through her content to make all the tips realistic and relatable. 

It can be overwhelming when it comes to making changes that positively affect the environment, which is why I enjoy blog posts like this. They suggest realistic changes you can make for everyday events and occasions. 

Della Loves Nutella – @delladriscollx

Why it’s important to have a rest day 

Does anyone else feel immensely guilty when they take a break? It was reassuring to read this blog by Della, as it felt like I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Sometimes you need a reminder that taking a break is okay, and in fact, having a rest day has many benefits. 

There are many useful tips in this blog, but my favourite has to be ‘to learn to live intuitively’ and listen to your body. I am guilty of ignoring what my body is telling me and just driving through work or prior commitments. It is okay to take a break and go for a walk if you need to. 

I love blogs like this, as they say, what we all need to hear sometimes, and a little reminder can go a long way. 


While I love the content created by every blogger I mentioned, especially because they are so engaging, friendly and interactive online, my plan for April is to discover new (to me) bloggers. 

The blogging community is truly wonderful, engaging, supportive and friendly. Writing this monthly roundup of blog posts I like might seem repetitive, but it is a way for me to support my fellow bloggers in my little way. Reading content created by other bloggers, especially in Lockdown, has provided me with a new perspective, new insight and newfound motivation. 

To all the bloggers mentioned and all the bloggers reading, keep creating content; you have no idea how much it means to read your work.

Feel free to mention your favourite blogger in the comments below, as I would love to discover new content and people! 

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    1. You’re welcome. I love your content and how realistic and honest it is, so it was a pleasure to include you.

      I’m still going to the corner shop with my hand sanitiser and mask; it feels like everyone is slowly disregarding guidelines as they grasp onto normality. Being cautious, I think, is the best way forward. 😊💜

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    1. You’re welcome; it was a pleasure to include you!

      I loved your post, as it reinforces ways I can show my support to the bloggers who’ve supported me so much. The positivity and support you encourage others to show were fantastic. Thank you. 😊

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  1. What a fab round-up! I know of three or four of these bloggers and love them, but the others are new to me so I’ll check them out now. It’s a lovely thing to do, showcasing their posts and sharing them so we can all discover new awesome folks and fresh content 🙂

    Caz xx

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