Blogging: Why didn’t I post that?

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I’ve always written down my thoughts. I have heaps of notebooks with scribblings, some about the experiences I’ve had, others with daily issues I’ve overcome and some containing stories of fantasy worlds. 

Blogging felt like the next step to share my thoughts. It was a way to engage with others who might feel the same. It was also a way for me to feel less alone and let others know that they are not alone if they face similar struggles. 

Safe to say, I love blogging; it provides me with an outlet, a community and new challenges. 

But, my overthinking nature tends to creep in, unfortunately. 


What is overthinking? 

Overthinking, for me, means I fixate on something for too long or too much. I might be happy with a blog topic; for example, then I’ll start to think about all the ways that content could be received. I’ll think of different scenarios to an issue, as my mind will start to wander and create even more far-fetched and unrealistic outcomes. 

How overthinking has affected my blogging

Right now, I have about eight blog posts on WordPress in my drafts folder that are ready to be published. They were in my scheduled folder at one point, as everything was ready to go. 

Then I started to overthink. 

  • What if my content is taken the wrong way?
  • What if it upsets someone? 
  • What if it indirectly relates to something in the news that I have not seen?

With so much doubt filling my mind, those blog posts I was once happy with moved to my drafts folder, and I shied away from publishing. 

Writing that down seems a little silly now, but I suppose that does help. 

How can overthinking and blogging work? 

The obvious reaction to this blog might be that you have to accept criticism and differing opinions if you are putting content online. I have no issue with that, as if the criticism is spoken constructively, it can only help. As for differing opinions, various perspectives are needed as that is the only chance we have of growth. 

My issue of combining overthinking and blogging is that I craft such far-fetched scenarios about how my content is received that I forget why I wrote it in the first place. I am absorbed by my own thoughts that Imposter Syndrome kicks in, so I start to doubt my abilities overall. 

While there are so many negatives about why the combination of overthinking and blogging cannot work, I do want to focus on the few positives. 

Overthinking allows me to:

  • put myself in other’s shoes, to imagine how they might receive my content 
  • be cautious about what message I am putting out into the world 
  • prepare for events that might happen
  •  think about someone else’s feeling

How to handle overthinking while blogging

I’m not sure if I can permanently stop the barrage of unfounded thoughts. Still, I can try. I’ve sat down at my laptop plenty of times and Googled ‘how to stop overthinking’, and many results revolve around just stopping. 

That doesn’t really work for me, as I can’t switch my mind off when I am actively thinking about it. I think, for me, at least, when it comes to overthinking and blogging, I stop myself by putting my blogging tasks aside and focusing on a different activity. 

Before I put my blogging task away, however, I will write down what I need to do when I come back. This makes coming back to the task easier, as I know what I need to do instead of focusing on what might happen. 


While, in some ways, I like being an overthinker, it can be a nuisance. I like considering how others will react to my content. I like how I think of others perspectives as best I can, as it makes me more cautious with my wording or message. 

I don’t like how I question if my content is too long or if I should have written that, even if it is a simple message. It can be hard to battle off thoughts that have no rhythm or reason and even harder to dismiss them completely. 

No matter how much I overthink, I am bound to make mistakes and learn something new during my blogging journey, but that is the entire point of living. We learn – we grow – we change. 

For now, I hope to battle my overthinking nature and move those blogs I mentioned from my drafts into my scheduled folder once more. 

If you overthink, what are your tips for dealing with this on a day-to-day basis? 

5 thoughts on “Blogging: Why didn’t I post that?

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  1. I can relate to this post. I have been guilty of overthinking at times in my life. For me, it went hand-in-hand with perfectionism. Thinking that couldn’t put something out there until it was perfect. Over time, I realized that “done is better than perfect” so I started to take small risks. Now, I still take care and probably proofread every blog post several times before I hit that Schedule button.

    Take it one post at at time. Do a final proofread and put it out there! If everything is okay with the first one, move on to the next.

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  2. Oh my, I can relate to this SOOO much! I appreciate your including some positives about overthinking as I’ve never even considered it may be a good thing. So, thanks for that! I will over think things to death. Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to know other people do that and also keep notebooks full of writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you could relate; it is nice to know others experience this. I am trying to look at the positive side of things like this, as it affects my life so much. I actively try to stop myself when I overthink too much, but sometimes I can’t help it. 😊 Thank you for commenting.


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