Date night: Bob Ross inspired date

‘We don’t make mistakes; we have happy accidents’. 

Throughout Lockdown, everyone found new ways to stay entertained at home. Many had children to keep distracted, while others had siblings, parents and guardians to help relieve the boredom. My partner and I had each other, which meant a lot of at-home date nights. 

Even coming out of Lockdown now, I hope to keep the creativity we had to find for date night alive – and not just because they were vastly cheaper than going out! 



This blog post will share a date night in Lockdown, which involves Bob Ross, a snail, a bird and paints. All will be explained. 

I mentioned a few products in this blog post, but nothing is sponsored – I’m not that successful yet! 

Who is Bob Ross? 

For those unfamiliar with Bob Ross, he was an American painter, TV host and art instructor. His soothing voice and positive outlook, along with his happy little trees, captivated a new generation.

The Bob Ross YouTube channel is home to the half-hour instructional television show, ‘The Joy of Painting’, which was hosted by Bob Ross. He talks you through the process of painting while providing encouragement and positivity throughout. 

Bob Ross was the starting point behind this date night idea, as I wanted to do something involving paints.

Now canvases, acrylic paints, and more can increase the price tag of an at-home paint night, so I hopped onto Hobbycraft to see what crafting options were available. 

The shopping list 

I purchased two little paint your own snail flower pots from Hobbycraft, which were only £2.50 each, along heart suncatcher with a bird suncatcher for my partner. The whole date cost less than £10.

I know these items are meant for kids, but hey, you are never too old to have a little paint night in; please, it was relaxing. 

The setup 

With a Bob Ross video playing in the background, I set up the boxes on the table, along with the paints and brushes. I showed my partner the setup, and he seemed content about the activity. 

Snail Set-up

The outcome 

This painting activity was fun and different from what we’d normally do, which made it better. We chatted, painting and relaxed, with Bob Ross in the background painting away with us. 

The snails turned out pretty well, and now they are situated on the storage system in my living room. Unfortunately, they are not being used as plant pots. Instead, they are stationery holders, as we found that more useful. 

The suncatchers are simple decorative features, as they don’t catch the sun effectively. 


As a couple that normally spends date night at a restaurant or doing an activity out of the home, this was a nice change of pace. Even out of Lockdown, I hope to introduce these cost-effective date nights at home. It is something different from movie night and cheaper than drinks on the town. 

Next time, we might invest in canvases and follow a Bob Ross tutorial, but I’m not sure about the outcome.

What is an entertaining activity you have done at home during Lockdown? 

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