August 2021 Roundup

It feels good to write again! It feels like forever since I’ve sat down and written for my blog. I hit a wall in August about blogging and other components of my life. The overwhelming feeling of, ‘WTF are you doing with your life?’ felt unbearable. However, today’s post isn’t about that; that’s the next one titled ‘clicking restart’. That’s right, I’ve planned this month’s blog posts. 

Today I want to share some key August activities that happened in my personal life! I know many bloggers write monthly roundup posts, so leave a comment and a link to your monthly roundup post below if you have written one. 



Let’s talk about August for a moment. We all loved it growing up, as it felt like an eternity off of school, until the last week when it felt like it was going too quickly, as you were dragged around the back-to-school sales. But I digress. 

Growing up, August felt quite lonely as many of my friends jetted off abroad, and I stayed at home. Not to say, I didn’t have fun as friends came back and my siblings were around. 

As an adult, and especially coming out of Lockdown, August feels like a chance to catch up with people. Everyone takes days off work, and more planning goes into what we will do as everyone has different schedules. 

Here’s what I got up to in August 2021. 

Wedding bells 

After postponing twice, my cousin finally got married in August, and it was worth the wait. It was so surreal attending a wedding after staying away from people for so long. Everyone was still a bit hesitant, with hand sanitiser dotted around the venue, but it was lovely to be back together as a family again. 

Camping trip 

In August, I did one of the things that I wanted to do before turning 26 – I went camping in Cornwall! It was not wild camping, as I don’t think I could have handled that, especially since I got my period two days before heading home. I spent a full week on an air bed, camped in a place with spectacular views, surrounded by great people. I think I will write a post about it, as we did so much. 

Jousting event 

Towards the end of August, I ended up at the place I talk about a bit too much on my blog, The Royal Armouries. We went to a live-action Tudor jousting tournament. It was a perfect day for it, with the sun shining down as we listened to some historical details and saw the jesters liven up the crowd before the competitors trotted in the arena. 

New subscriptions 

I’m a Yorkshire girl through and through; we’ve means I’m cheap and proud of it. Stay with me here, and you’ll know why this is relevant. When it comes to my subscriptions, it is a very short list as I like to keep costs down, so if there is a free option, you know I’m on that plan. 

Well, that was until August. Recently, my partner and I signed up for two things, HelloFresh and Smol. We signed up to HelloFresh to see if it was an option for us. We are not experienced in the kitchen and have a hard time varying our meals, which always leads us back to the dreaded (but loved) takeaway. HellFresh felt like a good option to try, and I got a discount, so why not. We are only on box two at the moment, with interesting results. 

Smol, on the other hand, was a small way for us to make a change. We create an outrageous amount of laundry for two people, so much so that I feel like I should apologise to my mum for how much I created growing up. Anyway, we tried smol because they ‘champion plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging.’ We tried their laundry capsules for free, well, we had to pay £1 for postage, so not free-free. I was sceptical at first, but now I am happy to pay for these when I need them. 

Let me know if you would be interested to hear my honest opinion about either HelloFresh or smol in the comments, as I am considering writing separate posts about them. As someone who is known in her family for setting fires in the kitchen, HelloFresh has been an interesting experience.


There is my quick summary of what happened in August. For September, I want to focus on catching up with friends, focusing on my career and having fun with my blog. As I will mention in my next blog post, I started to turn my blog into a chore rather than a space to talk about my adventures. 

My blog might not be ‘right’ or organised, but it is mine, and it is a place anyone can come to see the adventures/daily musings of a twenty-something-year-old. 

I’ll end, like always, with a question for you – What did you get up to in August? 

39 thoughts on “August 2021 Roundup

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    1. Thank you. 💜 I did have a lot of fun, but it still felt slightly surreal being out. I loved camping more than I thought I would, but I don’t think I could do wild camping. I would not survive the week; I would have probably booked a hotel. 😂

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  1. Sounds like a great month. Must have been lovely to finally be able to go to the wedding.
    I love the jousting, my father actually used to do that when I was younger.
    I’ve always been tempted by Smol, I’d definitely like to hear your opinion on that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! It was great to go to a wedding. I’ve never been to a jousting event, so it was fun to see. I’ve seen Smol around for a while but finally decided to try them. 😊


  2. Aww congratulations to your newly-married cousin!!
    The comfy camping sounds good. I used to like camping, though admittedly I’ve only done it probably 8 times (if you count 3 days for a festival). An air bed sounds like a much, much better idea than a mat!
    I’d not heard of Smol before so I’ll have to take a look-see. I had a voucher for a box from HelloFresh so it’s funny you mentioned that and I’m glad you did – I totally forgot it’s due to arrive tomorrow, d’oh! 😂 I’m pretty sure I can’t actually eat any of the stuff so it might all be going to my parents but I’m still looking forward to seeing what it’s like. Sounds like you’re getting along with it okay considering you’re on the second box rather than having cancelled straight away (I hope that means you’re both liking it anyway).
    Sounds like an interesting month! I’d love to hear more about where you went camping if you did a separate blog post on that. I hope September is a great month for you too lovely.
    Caz xxxx


  3. Well it sounds like a fun month! That jousting event looks amazing! I also recently took some time off my blog and then came back at it this month. We moved earlier this summer and it was just too much! Always good to take a break when needed. I’d love to hear more about Hello Fresh! I always have my eye on something like that but have never tried it.

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    1. It was such a fun month! I am very lucky. 😊

      Sometimes a break is needed! I hope you felt better after your time off and that your move went well. 😊

      Thank you for your input about Hello Fresh; I will 100% be writing up my experience. 😊

      Thank you for your comment. 😊


    1. I’m very lucky to live so close to a museum with varied events throughout the year.

      It was a must-needed month of relaxation and fun. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you have a lovely September. 😊


  4. Welcome back! Your August sounds better than mine lol. That jousting event looks interesting, seems fun to watch too. I’m a scaredy-cat so I’m not sure wild camping would be a good thing for me, maybe like the one you did 😅. My August wasn’t that eventful honestly lol, dealt with a lot of lockdowns and curfews. I’m hopeful that September will be better as I start back school. I enjoyed reading this, love reading roundups! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I do hope your September is better, and good luck with school. 😊

      I loved the jousting event. We did go on an unexpectedly hot day, so I do wish I took a hat. 😂

      I could not do wild camping; I wouldn’t last long anyway. Our camping was a good in-between wild camping and glamping.

      Thank you for your comment; I hope you have a lovely September. 😊


  5. That’s really great you got to experience camping. Camping is also something I’ve wanted to try, but also not wild camping, maybe some version of glamping 😂 That jousting event also sounded fun! I’m not sure if Smol is available in my country, but nonetheless, I’d still love to read more about your experience with Smol. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. As a fellow Northerner, I get the do it cheap vibes!
    I want to try Smol and will have a look into it this weekend. I would read a seperate post on it.
    The jousting event sounds fab. I will add Royal Armories to our list of days out, as my little one would love it now x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🥳 I love a good sale/discount.

      Thank you for your input on smol; I’ll be writing a quick blog post on that. 😁

      Royal Armouries is amazing! We live so close to it that we’ve been so many times. Highly recommend checking out their events page as well, as they do a lot of interesting stuff. Even if you go to the museum itself, they have many exhibits, new and old. The entrance is free, which is amazing. As you can tell, I could babble on. 😂

      Thank you for your comment. 😊


  7. Sounds like fun 🤩, my August was suppose to be for traveling abroad but couldn’t go again. Anyway, I had fun with friends, went on leave from work, stayed off blogging as I was getting overwhelmed. Just like you said, blogging should be fun and that is what I should be doing, having fun blogging.

    Thanks for sharing your August round up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was fun! I am glad you managed to make the most of your August, even if you could not go abroad. It is nice that you had a break from blogging, especially since you were feeling overwhelmed.

      I hope you have a lovely September. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Ooh, I love a bit of camping! My cousin got married after postponing it, at the end of July and it was so wonderful to each other as you said ❤ I'm thinking of starting Smol soon so it will be interesting to hear your thoughts 🙂

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