5 things I love about Autumn



It had to be done, sorry! The traditional ‘what I love about – insert season here. I love these kinds of posts as it helps me appreciate the small things, from the smell of gingerbread men to jumping into a pile of leaves, all these small things add up and can make your day so much better. 

Make sure you let me know what your favourite thing about Autumn is, or if you don’t like Autumn, let me know what your favourite season is in the comments below. 


According to the Met Office, Autumn starts on 22nrd September 2021 and ends on 21st December 2021. The days start to feel shorter, as the sun goes down earlier and the clocks go back on 21st October. 

I’ve always loved Autumn time, as the leaves start to change, and a cosy night in is always a good option. 

1 – Freshly baked goods 

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

It always seems that places go all out to supply customers with seasonal sweet treats during Autumn and Winter. I love seeing themed cupcakes, cakes and more in shops and cafes, from Gingerbread men that look like ghosts to cupcakes with frosted spiders on top. 

Another thing I love is going to my parents and being greeted by the delicious smell of homemade bread! 

Are there any baked goods you associate with Autumn? 

2 – Autumn Activities

In Autumn, there always seemed to be some event or activity happening. Everything happens in such rapid succession as Halloween, Bonfire Night, and personal events, such as my partner’s birthday and our anniversary, happen one after the other. There is so much going on, and at-home events are seen as desirable, which as an introvert, I adore! 

For me, there are a lot of activities happening in Leeds, where I live in Autumn. Unlike Summer, my friends and family seem to stay around during Autumn, which means more time to spend together.

3 – Layers, layers, layers 

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina from Pexels

From fluffy socks to jackets, scarves and oversized jumpers, Autumn means layers. I love wearing my oversized jumpers in Autumn, as they are so cosy. Plus, layers are so much more convenient, as you can take layers off if you get too warm. 

My favourite part about Autumn is pulling out my scarves and fluffy hats from storage and wearing multiple layers while sipping on a hot chocolate. 

4 – Cosy nights in 

Sometimes all you want to do is cancel your plans and create a blanket cocoon on the couch in front of the TV. It feels more acceptable to have a cosy night in, in Autumn. Plus, it feels like more people are willing to have a night in with you in Autumn, which, again, as an introvert, I love. 

My favourite thing about a cosy night during Autumn is cuddling up in a blanket while the weather outside is cold. Whether it’s a cosy night in watching a series of movies or playing board games, I love them all.  

5 – Autumn walk 

I love how each walk during Autumn seems different, as the scenery starts to change. Lively, green trees transform into orange and brown foliage, while leaves start to cascade down to the ground to create an Autumn inspired walkway. 


I love looking at the small things I love about Autumn. Sometimes with everything going on, it can be hard to appreciate the things you love, which is why I love writing posts like this as it helps me remember. 

Let me know what your favourite thing about Autumn is in the comments below. If you don’t like Autumn, let me know which is your favourite season and why. 

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  1. lovely. walks in the fall are the best — especially when you can hear the sound of the leaves go crunch crunch as you walk! love it. And baked goods too — halloween cookies and cakes.

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