Everything you need for a cosy night at home in Autumn



As someone who finds social situations stressful, I love a good cosy night in, which might be why I love Autumn so much! For some reason, a cosy night in seems to be more socially acceptable in Autumn. 

In my opinion, this list is everything you need for a cosy night at home in Autumn. Trust me, as a socially awkward introvert that’s binged more Netflix shows than I can remember and care to admit; I know what you need for a cosy night at home. 

Everything you need for a cosy night at home

Cosy Clothes 

The first item you need for a cosy night at home is the right clothes. For me, I love snuggling up in an oversized jumper with leggings and fluffy socks. The perfect cosy attire! 

For you, you might want to wear a onesie, or joggers, or maybe nothing if you roll that way. Whatever you feel comfortable in, but is perfect for lounging around in. If you choose to wear jeans for a cosy night in, we need to have words. 


You can’t stop at cosy clothes, as you need to build your cosy cocoon fortress, which means blankets. Fluffy blankets, your duvet, a throw, a knitted blanket (my favourite) or even a sleeping bag if that’s what you have. Anything you can use to snuggle under to feel warm, cosy and safe.


Cosy pillows
Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

You have the blanket and the cosy outfit, but you will also need a selection of pillows or cushions for your cosy cocoon. You do need something to support your back or neck when you are relaxing on the sofa.  


Another item that can make a place feel cosy is the right lighting. Fairy lights always do the trick! You can find affordable fairy lights everywhere, but I like grabbing the Christmas lights when they reduce them after Christmas. 

This will sound strange but stay with me. I have a dehumidifier in my house, and for some reason, it can glow different colours. Not sure why it has that function, but it does create a calming ambience in the living room. Unexpected 2-in-1, I guess. 

The right lighting can have a calming effect on your mood, making you feel at ease – just make sure you put the lights on the right setting if they have different functions. I find out my fairy lights can flash very quickly, not what you want when you want to relax. 


Autumn candles
Photo by Lisa from Pexels

A candle can go hand in hand with lighting, as the glow can make you feel warm and safe; however, candles have another function to help your cosy night at home. The right scented candles can have a soothing effect and can make your home smell like some of your favourite seasonal things such as gingerbread, pumpkin spice or even apple pie scented candles. 

Themed mug

To have a hot beverage for your cosy night at home, you need the right themed mug. Whether you have a mug shaped like a pumpkin, a glass with bats on or a themed movie mug, now is the time to use it! 

I have a Nightmare Before Christmas mug that I love to use this time of year; I just need to find it. 

Hot beverage 

Once you have found your mug, select a nice hot beverage for your night at home in Autumn. Hot chocolate is always a win in my book, especially with mini marshmallows. 


This is a key component for your cosy night at home. How do you spend your night? You need some form of entertainment for your cosy night at home, and you have so much to choose from, it depends entirely on your interests. 

Ask yourself, how do I want to spend my night? 

Some ideas include: 

Snack food

You can’t have a cosy night at home without the right snacks. Of course, you will know what snacks you enjoy. I like to have the sharer bags of crisps, especially if I am watching a movie, although not a lot of sharing happens, but that stays between you and me. 

Treat yourself and grab your favourite snack for a cosy night at home in Autumn. 

The right company 

The final key to a cosy night in, in Autumn is the right company. Whether you want to hang out with your best friend, partner, family member, housemate, or someone else, the right company is the key to a good night at home. 

Sometimes the best company for the night is me, myself and I, and that’s okay. Sometimes you want to cuddle up under a blanket with your favourite selection of snacks by yourself. 


There you have it, readers, everything you need for a cosy night at home in Autumn. I hope you enjoyed this blog post; I tried to make it more chatty than I am used to while staying under the 1000 word count as I tend to ramble. 

I love a cosy night at home, either alone or with loved ones, as it’s affordable and I don’t need to put effort into travelling anywhere. 

What do you always need to have for a cosy night at home in Autumn? 

22 thoughts on “Everything you need for a cosy night at home in Autumn

Add yours

    1. Thank you! Maybe the battery-powered candles for you then! I have a bad track record of setting food on fire, so I’m extra cautious with candles. 😂

      I hope everyone/everything was alright after the incident you had? 😊

      Thank you for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m totally with you on “sharing” snacks. Not much sharing goes on here either lol.

    This totally makes me wanna get comfy with a movie and some tasty treats!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe it’s meant to say, do not share. Yeah, I’m going with that. 😂

      You should! A cosy night is always fun, and, for me, I feel more motivated to do things the next day.

      Thank you for commenting. 😊


  2. Hi,

    You’ve painted a very cosy scene 🙂

    Personally, I’d make just 1 amendment – I find pillows a source of irritation so I’d ditch those and instead invite our Labrador, Harvey, to join us on the sofa. He is always ‘the right company’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by. 😊

      Okay, you are winning. Harvey sounds so much better than any pillow. When I visit my parents, the family dog always hops up on the sofa and kicks the pillows off, so I don’t think he’s a fan either. 😂


  3. Love this list! I enjoy cozy nights at home for sure. Lately I’ve been reading or watching Halloween movies, and I just love relaxing and enjoying the cozy atmosphere!

    Liked by 1 person

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