Let’s talk about fear


  • Introduction 
  • Let’s talk about fear 
  • Different levels of fear 
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the future 
  • Overcoming fear
  • Summary 


Today, I want to talk about fear. Fear is a common topic in October because Halloween is fast approaching. Fair warning before you start reading. This blog post shares topics such as the fear of failure along with fear of the future. I also share personal and vulnerable stories that might be a little sad. 

I love blogging because it allows me to share my thoughts, and when I finished writing this post, it felt like I had a weight lifted off my chest. I was able to share some common fears I experience, which made these topics a bit less scary. 

Hopefully, if you experience these fears, knowing that someone else goes through them might make you feel less isolated. 

Let’s talk about fear 

Fear. Dread. Alarm. Terror. However, you describe the feeling of panic that causes your heart to quicken and your stomach to drop. The feeling of fear can be perplexing and can cause you to stop in your tracks. The courage you once had gets blown out of the window, and you are left with a feeling of trepidation where nothing seems possible. 

Fear. It comes in many forms: Arachnophobia, Acrophobia, Atychiphobia, Aerophobia, Hemophobia, Athazagoraphobia, and many more. 

Different levels of fear 

For me, I have different levels of fear. There are low fear topics such as clowns, which creep me out. There is moderate/medium fear, which for me involves spiders as they can stop me in my tracks. Just writing the word ‘spider’ made me shudder. 

Then there are other fears I have, such as fear of failure and fear of the future. These fears can change depending on my mood. If I am feeling confident and optimistic, these fears are like small seeds in the back of my head, still there but not thought of throughout the day. Unfortunately, these fears can sprout at any time and can be like a tidal wave in my head, drowning all other thoughts until I fixate on a negative thought stream. 

Fear of failure 

Sometimes the overpowering feeling of failure stops you before you even start. The fear of failure can be so suffocating that you convince yourself that you aren’t good enough. 

You might think, what’s the point of applying for a new job because you won’t get it anyway, or you think you shouldn’t start a side hustle because no one will buy from you anyway. Those thoughts, the fear of failure, can stop you from trying. 

My fear of failure can be crippling. Take this blog, for example. I had blog posts written before I even came to WordPress. But the constant fear of failure stopped me from making a blog for such a long time. I thought no one would be interested in what I had to say, people might leave negative comments, or someone I know might read my posts and laugh. 

When I eventually overcame the fear of failure, I was overjoyed with the support I received from strangers in the blogging community. Sure, I still experience blogging mistakes and failures, but everyone who has succeeded experienced those failures at some point. I still have those moments where I don’t want to do something because the fear of failure stopped me, and I will never know how those experiences would have panned out if I had taken a leap of faith.  

Please don’t let the fear of failure stop you from doing something you love. It isn’t the fear of failure; it is the fear of the unknown. You don’t know if you can succeed if you don’t try. Sure, you might have hiccups, but you can’t spend the rest of your life not knowing the outcome. I’d rather try and fail than never try at all and live not knowing what might have happened. 

Fear of the future 

I have so many questions about the future, and frankly, it scares me. I overthink; that is what I do. Thoughts of the future tend to bring me down as I am so scared of what 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now will bring. 

What is the point in living in fear of the future when it sacrifices the possibilities of today?  

Sure, the now is scary, sad, frustrating, joyful, wonderful, and so much more, but it’s the now. Anything could happen tomorrow, but thats what makes it beautiful and scary. We have the possibility of a new day. 

I am grateful I have these moments, that tomorrow is still yet to come. We will never know how much time we have left or the time others have left. This is why it’s important to live for the now, even if that means living through the struggles and the bad times. 

It feels so cliché saying that, because sometimes when you are in the bad times, they never feel like they will end. It feels like this is the way life will be forever. The bad times do end, though, and that weight of fear will be lighter and lighter each day. 

Overcoming fear

There are some fears that I might never overcome. I feel like I will always be afraid of spiders. I will always second guess my actions, even if I don’t want to, and I will always have a slight fear of what is yet to come. 

But, I want this blog post to have a purpose. Not only do I want others who experience similar kinds of fear to feel less alone, but I also want to offer some advice that helps me. Hopefully, these tips will serve as a reminder to me as well. 

Focus on the last positive thing that happened to you. At the end of each day, I write a list. A list of positive things that happened, no matter how small. Those little reminders are great to look back on and show that there is hope even when you are struggling. 

Talk to someone. Some fears are hard to overcome, but the fear of failure and the fear of the future can be minimised if you talk to someone. Sometimes you just need a rant; other times, you need someone to offer advice, as a fresh pair of eyes can help. 


Okay, I admit, this blog post was one of my rambles, but in some way, any way, I hope it helped. Sometimes you just need a good old rant to help you think straight again. 

As always, I’ll end with a question – what is your biggest fear? It can be lighted hearted or related to this blog post; let me know in the comments. 💜

12 thoughts on “Let’s talk about fear

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  1. When I think about fear, the first thing that comes to mind is heights. I’ve had to conquer that fear to some extent but it’s still there. I suppose my biggest fear, though, is something bad happening to one of my daughters as they venture out into the world. I know I have to let them live their lives and I can’t project my fear onto them but it’s there.

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    1. I have a similar fear with spiders. It’s always there, but you have to conquer it in some cases.

      My mum talked about having the same fear. My siblings and I are all grown, but she’ll always be worried about us. It is good that you aren’t projecting that fear onto them. 💜

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. I’m so glad you decided to share such personal thoughts in this post. I’m glad a weight was lifted and it gave you a sense of a relief to share this with us. And you know, I’m sure this will help and resonated with tons of people because the fear of the future is so common. I myself went through such feelings and now that I’m 30, I try to have a different mindset. The future always seems to work it’s way out even if it’s a bit of a silver lining. 🧡

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