5 reasons why introverts need time alone

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In today’s blog post, I want to discuss 5 reasons why introverts need time alone. Of course, I can’t speak for all introverts, but I can speak for myself. I am an introvert who genuinely thought I was broken because I liked having time alone. 

When I was younger, ‘friends’ would guilt me into hanging out when I said I felt too tired to hang out. I resorted to lying just to get out of social gatherings. Now I have real friends who understand if I feel too drained to hang out and will happily rearrange plans. 

Enough of the rambling; let’s check out 5 reasons why introverts need time alone. 

5 reasons why introverts need time alone 

Again, every person is different, so I can only speak for myself about why I need time alone. Let me know in the comments at the bottom if you relate to any of these. 


I’ve heard the phrase ‘introvert hangover’ before, which I found intriguing. While I do enjoy social gatherings, it takes a lot out of me, which is why I feel like I require time to recuperate and recharge. A cosy night at home helps, or even pursuing my own interests. 

Pursue your own interests 

When everything feels like too much, I spend time alone, allowing me to pursue my own interests. Blogging and crafting, for example, allow me to recharge my batteries and can be peaceful. My mind is focused on one thing, and it can help me feel less anxious.


I’ve realised that after a lot of back-to-back events with various people (no matter how much I enjoy their company), it can make me feel frustrated. Little things can feel too much, and I can become annoyed at even the most pleasant conversations. 


When I spend too much time around other people, I have a tendency to feel anxious. I’ll feel nervous around people I’ve known for years or have trouble concentrating on what they are actually saying. 

It sometimes feels as though my heart is beating ten to the dozen as I fidget with my fingers. All because it becomes too much. No matter how much I like the company of the people I am with, I can feel anxious, and I might shut off from what they are saying. 

I like my alone time 

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to like having alone time. I like spending time alone, and that’s okay. As I mentioned, I once thought spending time alone was weird, but it’s not; it is a chance to get to know yourself and your interests. Whether an introvert or not, spending time alone can be valuable. 


Wanting time alone doesn’t mean I hate people. Well, not all people. Being an introvert, for me, just means I need time away from people to recharge to fill my social battery so I can go back into the world. 

Wanting time alone is okay. I strongly believe we all need some form of social interaction, but wanting a time-out from social gatherings is perfectly normal. 

Overall, I am glad I have friends who accept the fact that sometimes I just want to hang out alone or even have a night at home together, not interacting much. 

What is your favourite activity to do alone? Movies? Crafts? Blogging? 

18 thoughts on “5 reasons why introverts need time alone

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  1. exactly! I agree that many in society seem to think that being alone or shy is a bad thing when really it isn’t. after all, we can’t be with other people 24/7.. we all need time to ourselves

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  2. Omgggg someone that understands me! My former friends also used to guilt me for not wanting to hangout at that moment to the extent that I started lying to them or sometimes I’d just switch off my phone. Sadly, most of my friends then we’re extroverts but now my new friends are very understanding and accommodating. I don’t have to lie
    Our social battery is really low, I could be 30 mins into a hangout and I already feel like disappearing. My alone time is my favorite time tbh. Me loving and taking care of myself. The post I will publish in the next 20mins is somewhat related to this.
    I’m glad you’ve realised that enjoying your own company isn’t weird.🤍🤍🤍

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    1. I am glad you could relate so much to this blog post!

      It is good that you found new friends who are very accomodating, and understand that wanting time alone is okay.

      I’ve learnt to balance my time now and realised that I don’t have the capacity to spend every day hanging out with people. I need a break in-between.

      I will have to check out your post!

      Thank you for your comment; it genuinely brought a smile to my face. 💜

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    1. Same! I love spending time alone to work on my blog.

      When it comes to timing, though, I am the complete opposite. I’m a night owl, so I prefer the end of the day when others are asleep. When I lived with my parents, everyone else was a morning person, so the only alone time I could have was at night.

      Thank you for your comment. 😊

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  3. I love spending time alone. I like reading, writing, doing yoga, playing video games, watching movies or simply just being by myself with no one around. I love my partner from the bottom of my heart, I cannot imagine my life without him, but I also enjoy being alone.

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    1. My partner understands that I sometimes need time alone. He is very much an extrovert, so he’ll hang out with friends or play online video games with his friends in another room.

      It’s about finding that balance. Thank you for your comment; it is nice to know someone else feels the same way! 😊

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  4. I nodded along to all of these. Very well said! I need that alone time to recharge, and it’s not just because being around others is exhausting but because of the anxiety involved in different ways, too. These days, with chronic fatigue anyway, it’s rather different because everything is exhausting to begin with 😂 Years ago, like when I was in my teens, nobody really “got it”. There’s a tendency to assume that if someone likes or needs to have time on their own that they’re antisocial, when that’s just not the case at all. I don’t have to worry about any of it any more as I have zero friends 😉 but I get what you mean with this 100%!

    Caz xx

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    1. I am happy you nodded along with this blog post! My time alone is key for recharging my social battery.

      Nobody really ‘got it’ in my teens either. I hated that everyone thought I was antisocial or hated them simply for wanting time alone.

      Well, I hope it’s not weird to say you have a fellow introvert online friend here, Caz! 😊

      Thank you for reading, and I am happy you could relate.

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  5. Wonderful post! Taking time to yourself to recharge is so important. I can relate to having friends who are extroverts and want to hang out all the time. They may not understand, but I’m glad I have a solid few who do. I love catching up on TV shows or watching a new movie when I am having some alone time. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you!

      I found that my extroverted friends did take it to heart when I didn’t want to hang out, but luckily, they understood that it did not reflect our friendship. I just need time alone sometimes.

      Thank you for your comment. 😊

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