Halfway Blogtober update



Happy 16th day of October and the 16th day of Blogtober for those participating. I thought I would write a blog post mid-month to share how I am finding Blogtober so far. So yes, I am currently writing this post on the 15th of October after work. 

If you are participating in Blogtober, let me know in the comments, and tell me how you are finding Blogtober so far. 

This blog post will share some of the pros and cons of Blogtober so far, along with the posts I have written already. 

Pros of Blogtober so far 

You can’t mention Blogtober without mentioning the blogging community. Every post I write, there is always support, and I appreciate every comment.

I also love the challenge of Blogtober, even though I am struggling on some social media fronts. I love the community spirit on Twitter, for example, as everyone is willing to chat and share your content.

Another key pro of Blogtober is content. No, I’m not bragging about my own; I mean content created by other bloggers. The amount of content I’ve read this month is vast, but I love each piece. I haven’t felt this festive for Autumn in a long time, and I’ve picked up a few Autumn tips from my favourite bloggers.

Cons of Blogtober so far 

Keeping up with comments is a big part of Blogtober and blogging in general. I like to respond to comments, check out blog posts by the commenter and so on. With posting every day, there are so many comments to go through, which can be overwhelming.

I try to sit down for at least an hour a day to go through comments, but I like to type and leave long comments, as many of you know, which can be time-consuming. 

Right now, I have a lot of comments to go through, and I want to check out content created by other bloggers. I enjoy the community side of blogging, but I am finding it hard to find the time.

Blogtober posts 

Blogtober day 1: My first Blogtober 2021 – What to expect

Blogtober day 2: The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List 

Blogtober day 3: What to do in Leeds this October 2021

Blogtober day 45 things I love about Autumn 

Blogtober day 5: Spooky shows and movies to watch this October

Blogtober day 6: Everything you need for a cosy night at home in Autumn

Blogtober day 7: Let’s talk about fear

Blogtober day 8: 5 horror movies I will never watch 

Blogtober day 9: HelloFresh meal kit subscription: Is it worth it?

Blogtober day 10: World Mental Health Day 2021: Let’s talk πŸ’š

Blogtober day 11: 5 reasons why introverts need time alone

Blogtober day 12: The changing nature of friendships in your twenties

Blogtober day 13: 10 things for adults to do on a rainy day 

Blogtober day 14: My 4 favourite Halloween items 

Blogtober day 15: What to do when you don’t know what to write


That was my brief update on Blogtober. Overall, I am loving the process, challenge and community spirit. I can’t wait to share my overall experience and statistics at the end of the month.

Good luck with the rest of Blogtober.

How are you finding Blogtober so far?

11 thoughts on “Halfway Blogtober update

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  1. It’s been a bit tasky for me cause of work and I barely get any free time to write now but I’m still having so much fun! Well doneeee, keep going!

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  2. Mine’s going moderately well, thankfully I was never going to post daily (day job) but I have managed to post fairly regularly, and only missed a couple of personal deadlines!! Still, I’m hoping to up my game for the last couple of weeks!
    You’re doing really well, I’ve enjoyed your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I scheduled a lot of my blog posts, but the social media side and comments are hard to keep up with after work. I’ve learned a lot from this Blogtober, but it’s been hard.

      I am glad you have enjoyed my posts; it means so much! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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