Testing out smol: the small things count



Hello, and welcome to another post where I talk about a product I am using. Of course, I blog as a hobby right now, so this is not a sponsored post; I just wanted to talk about something new I am trying.

In my August 2021 roundup post, I mentioned how I was trying out a new product called smol. Today, I will tell you more about smol and my experience using their products. 

The background of smol

Smol describes itself as the ‘UK’s most loved eco-cleaning brand’. They use plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging, where possible.  

Smol launched in 2018, and since then, they have saved over 300 tonnes of plastic and upwards of 1000 tonnes of chemicals, all from customers switching to smol products. 

According to their website, each smol capsule generates 35% less carbon than the average detergent.  

The smol promise with a big purpose 

Smol informs its users that it is: 

  • Animal fat-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Super concentrated 
  • More environmentally friendly materials 
  • Ethically sourced essential oils
  • Delivered right to your door 

Smol products

Smol currently has four different product categories, which are laundry, dishwash, fabric conditioner and sprays. They have washing tablets for your laundry, concentrated all-in-one dishwasher tablets, fabric conditioner and surface cleaners. They now also have hand sanitisers in their personal care section. 

Moving forward in this blog post, I will be talking about the laundry tablets, as those are the ones I currently use. 


Smol have a creative packaging design that is 100% recyclable. I won’t lie; it took me a moment to open the packaging as it has a child-lock mechanism. The directions are on the packaging, making it easy to open when you have the know-how. 

The laundry capsule packaging is 100% recyclable, and while the innovative child-lock design is creative, I did find it hard to store and access with ease when doing the laundry. Therefore, I kept one of the plastic containers from my previous laundry tablet brands and transferred the smol tablets. It makes it easier for me to access them, and since we have no kids or pets, the child-lock is not needed.   

Pricing comparison 

A pack of 24 smol laundry capsules is £4.50; however, you can get a little trial 9-pack for free, and at the time, I only had to pay £1 for postage. 

In comparison, a pack of Ariel all-in-1 pods cost £7, with the capacity to do 26 wash loads. You can get a box of Almat 3-in-1 triple-action tablets for £2.99 at Aldi, with the capacity to do 20 wash loads. 

My experience with smol

When I first started, I vastly over-estimated how many laundry tablets I needed. I do laundry a lot, so I thought I would need a new pack of 24 capsules every 42 days.

24 pack of smol

That was an overestimate. I re-did my delivery and worked out that if I did one load of laundry a week moving forward, I would only need 4 capsules per month. Therefore a pack of 24 capsules should last 6 months, give or take. To be safe, I have scheduled 5 months between each pack to see if that works. You can change your delivery schedule and charge date through your account easily.    

Having a set amount delivered at a certain time has been beneficial for my wash load. I am more aware of when I get laundry tablets and how many I will receive; therefore, I have been doing fewer wash loads, and when I do, I am making sure it is a full wash load and not half. 

In terms of cleanliness, smol capsules do a great job! I have no complaints so far, and the clothes come out of the washing machine smelling fantastic. 


I tried my first batch of smol laundry tablets for free, but you have to pay for the postage, so not 100% free. Small differences matter, and the little changes you make can help in the long run. 

I am still learning when it comes to environmental concerns. I am nowhere near perfect, but I do believe in helping in small ways. We all can’t be perfect, and frankly, we all can’t afford to switch to environmentally friendly products as they can sometimes be more expensive. That is why small changes that cost the same or less are good options. 

Let’s add to this conversation in the comments below. What is a small environmental switch you have made recently? 

Disclaimer: The facts and figures mentioned in this blog post were obtained from the smol website. 

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    1. You’re welcome! I’ve just checked Ecoegg out; they sound amazing and so much more affordable.

      I might compare the two after I have finished my current pack of smol tablets. Thank you for recommending Ecoegg. 😊

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