5 quick and easy ways you can save money online



It can be difficult to keep spending down with birthdays, Christmas, treats for yourself and other occasions throughout the year, especially when you have the internet at your disposal. 

I consider myself to be very cautious when it comes to money, which is why I like to save money where I can. Sometimes it’s as manageable as asking myself if I really need it; other times, it’s through websites that help me save money. 

I wanted to share 5 simple ways you might be able to save money when shopping online. 

The leave it in the basket approach 

I saw this technique floating around for a while, and now I live by it when it comes to non-essential items, such as clothing. I put the things I want in the online basket and leave them. If I can remember exactly what I have in the basket, I might buy it; if I can’t, I probably didn’t need it that much in the first place. 


It sounds simple, but ask yourself, do you really need it? I am 100% guilty of buying something and never having an opportunity to wear it. For example, I once bought this beautiful, formal dress because it was on sale and available in my size. I snapped it up, thinking it was a complete bargain. It fit perfectly, but I soon realised I had no shoes to pair with it, and it wasn’t suitable for any events that I attend. 

Now, when I buy clothes, I think to myself, okay do I have something in my wardrobe I can pair this with? Where would I wear it? Do I have anything similar? Can I pair it with multiple pieces for different outfits? For household goods, I ask myself if I need them, will they fit? Which means bringing out the tape measure sometimes. Realistically place the item in your life before you click pay.  

Is it actually a bargain? 

As mentioned, I am guilty of buying something just because it was on sale. I know, I know, bad move. But, it did make me think, is what I’m buying actually a bargain? If a tube of pringles, for example, is on offer for 90p, but you aren’t keen on the flavour, it’s not actually a bargain. 

Ask yourself, do I need this, or is it just on sale? It sounds simplistic, but asking that simple question has saved me money. 


When shopping, I use TopCashBack like I use Google. I’ve used it before, setting up certain bills, shopping on Etsy and even grocery shopping. I’ve earned £166.41 back for free through the website, but I have had it since August 2018. 

After this initial set-up, there isn’t much extra effort when using TopCashback. You simply type in the business you are looking for; if they are available on the site, click them and then click ‘earn cashback’ and it’ll take you to the website you were looking for, so you can go about your normal activities on the website. 

This website does depend entirely on where you shop. 


I was introduced to Qmee during University. It is a chrome extension that pays you (very little) for certain search options. For example, if you are not looking for a specific brand and type in ‘gloves’ on Google, Qmee might suggest relevant sites, and if you click on them, it will add some money to your Qmee account. It’s not much, only 3p a time, but I have cashed out £35.50 in total so far. 

I’ve had it for ages, which does not equal much, but it is hardly any effort, and the search options are sometimes useful. They also have a range of deals on their website, making it easy to see what is available from other brands right now. 


There you have it, 5 quick and easy ways you can save money online. I hope you found this blog post useful! 

If you have your own tips on how to save money online, please do let me know in the comments below. 

6 thoughts on “5 quick and easy ways you can save money online

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  1. good idea! I like the leaves in the basket one! definitely let it simmer and if you don’t want it a week from today then it’s probably not essential & you can live without it 🙂

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  2. these were really helpful tips for saving money. i always ask myself “do i REALLY need it?” takes me a few tries but usually i come to the conclusion i DON’T need it.
    I also have tried challenges such as low buys where you only purchase the essentials basically – like food, gas, bills etc…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked these tips! I am guilty of seeing something on sale and thinking, ‘oh, I’ll have that’. I have to step back and say, ‘really though, why’. 😂

      A challenge like that is such a good idea! Thank you for mentioning that. 😊

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  3. Leave it in the basket always works for me. I add things to the basket and then buy it if I take a look with a fresh eyes if I need it or not.

    I love using Swagbucks for my cashback and can earn a bit extra money playing gamines on my phone and watching videos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Coming back to your basket with a pair of fresh eyes helps me every time.

      I’ve had Swagbucks for a few years now but slowly stopped using it; I still have the pop-ups for codes, so I should start using it more.

      Thank you for your comment. 😊


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