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The wonderful Michelle over at Boomer Eco Crusader has introduced another festive seasonal tag challenge, which focuses on the simple things to the simpler things of the season. 

I love this idea as it is a way to focus on the little things to be grateful for that we can sometimes forget around the festive season. 

Simple Holiday Joys Blogging Tag Rules 

Three rules come with the Simple Holiday Joys Tag: 

  • Write a blog post outlining three simple things that bring you joy at this time of year
  • Link back to the original blog post 
  • If you wish, pass the festive torch to your blogging friends 

My Simple Holiday Joys 

These are the three simple holiday joys I am grateful for this season. 

Friendship meetups 

Around this time of year, my friends and I will travel back to the town we grew up in to spend Christmas with our families. We all live in different towns, cities and villagers, so I love catching up with them around this time of year. 

Sharing a memory with a friend, laughing about shared stories and just catching up with friends. 


It sounds strange, but another simple holiday joy is where I live. I am about a twenty-minute walk from the town centre, which means I can enjoy all the Christmas festivities around town. 

I love wandering around and enjoying all the festive decorations. The town centre goes all out with creative lights and decorations, plus shops tend to put up festive features in the windows. 

Knitted blankets 

I can’t talk about the simple holiday joy without mentioning my knitted blankets. 

It gets cold around this season, and I have a few handmade knitted blankets which my Grandma knitted. I am talking about knitted blankets that cover a double bed. I love wrapping myself up in these knitted blankets on cold days, especially since my Grandma is no longer with us. It is a reminder of her, and around this time of year, it is great to think of loved ones, even the ones that are no longer with us. 

I tag 

I hope these fantastic bloggers will participate in this blogging challenge if they want to, of course. 

Natalie – Examine this moment 

Damion – The Northern Dad! 

Lindsey – Cozy Stylist 

Vourneen – The plain simple life 


I am very grateful to Michelle for tagging me in this, as it can be easy to forget the little things at this time of year.  

I hope you are having a lovely December so far! 😊 Feel free to mention anything that brings you joy in the comments. 

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  1. Such a lovely Holiday Tag. Thank you so much for tagging me too. 🤗🎁 Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy a healthy, safe and blessed New Year! 🥰🎉🎉
    Pastor Natalie

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