5 Favourite July 2022 Blog Posts



I haven’t written a blog post like this since February, but I wanted to bring it back as I love highlighting blog posts I’ve really enjoyed this month. 

I’m not sure if other bloggers like this type of blog post, but I do, as I feel like it is a great way to support other bloggers or introduce others to blog posts they might have missed. 

Without further ado, here are my 5 favourite July 2022 blog posts. 

Blog posts 

Check out a few of the blog posts I loved for one reason or another in July. Check out the blog posts you haven’t read, and continue the support by sharing your favourite blog post by any blogger in the comments. 

Positively Eleanor 

6 Things I’ve learned from reading Anne of Green Gables 

If you loved Anne of Green Gables, either the book, film or Netflix series, you would love this recap of some important lessons that feature in this classic. 

Even if you haven’t read/seen Anne of Green Gables, these six lessons Eleanor mentions are important to carry through life. Personally, I love every lesson, but lesson six is something I am continuing to learn. 

Boomer Eco Crusader 

Plastic Free July 2022 – Let’s win the war on plastics 

Reducing plastic pollution can feel like an all-or-nothing deal, which can be overwhelming. I love this blog post by the wonderful Michelle because she focuses on the ‘simple changes that will make a difference’, because if we all work together and make the changes we can make, it will help.   

While it might not be plastic-free July anymore, that doesn’t mean the little changes need to stop. Take a look at Michelle’s 31 simple changes and see which you can incorporate moving forward. 

According to Chren 

5 summer date night ideas 

I’m always looking for inspiration to keep date night alive, and this blog post by Christy and Ben does precisely that! They mention five lovely ideas to make the most of the summer nights, from a sunset picnic to a drive-in movie; these fun and affordable date ideas are perfect for any couple.

Dating Bitch 

Here’s why you have a hard time making friends 

I’ve always found it hard to make friends, but it is on another level as an adult, as there are fewer opportunities to make friends. I had a sigh of relief when I read this blog post, as I didn’t realise others had a hard time making friends. It felt good to know that I’m not completely alone. 

Check out this blog post by Katie to see the reasons why making friends is so hard, and hopefully, it will make you feel less alone as well. 

The Grumpy Olive guest post by The Curious Dig 

Reasons not to have a bucket list 

For anyone who has visited my blog before, you might wonder why this one is on the list; after all, I do love a good list. Well, I also love reading about different perspectives, the other side of the coin, if you will, and this insightful blog post highlights reasons why you don’t necessarily need a bucket list. 

I think some people thrive by having a bucket list, while others don’t, but as this blog post mentions, you should do what is right for you. This blog post shows that you don’t need to do everything everyone else is doing, and if you do have a bucket list, it doesn’t have to include what others have on their list. 

You are on your own journey, and you should focus on your own happiness and personal goals, not goals you feel like you should have because someone else has them. A fantastic guest post by Sol from The Curious Dig, who I only just discovered thanks to The Grumpy Olive. 


If you haven’t already, make sure you check out these amazing bloggers, not only these blog posts but other blog posts by these wonderful writers. 

As someone who is anxious, I always feel odd writing about my favourite monthly blog posts. On the one hand, I feel like it is a great way to show support to other bloggers; on the other hand, I don’t want to annoy any bloggers. That probably doesn’t make any sense, and I am overthinking it, but do let me know if you like this type of blog post. 

Check out the blog posts you haven’t read, and continue the support by sharing your favourite blog post by any blogger in the comments. 

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  1. This is such a cool post! I love how you highlighted your favorite posts from other bloggers. I actually haven’t read any of these, I don’t think. I will have to go back and do so. Thank you for suggesting them! 🙂

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